Alex Adriano

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The Library - Mixing Room', owned by musician and sound engineer Alex Adriano, has created a music studio that every artist should experience.

Top class recording services has been coupled with an atmosphere that is nothing short of inspirational.

The control room, which overlooks a functional multi tiered heritage style library, not only provides a relaxed atmosphere with a very cultured ambiance, but also acts as the heart of the studio.

Behind the control room, the artist has access to a huge balcony overlooking the gorgeous Italian countryside.

Among other amenities, this rustic home contains a guest room where an artist can make full use of privacy when working on their music.

The stonework built home contains a number of fireplaces as well as heritage style furnishings and works of art dating back a century.

Truly, this studio is a must experience for all aspiring artists.

Located at Dipignano (province of Cosenza, Calabria) on a 1800's mansion,

The Library - Mixing Room is an exclusive spot for artists. With great environment, good taste, privacy and security, it also includes, at the same location, the option to spend the night.

« A great performance becomes even greater surrounded by commodity, comfort, privacy and safety. »

Comfort and tranquility: We offer an exclusive infrastructure and environment that includes wifi, fireplace, balcony, kitchen, library, garden, leasure and guests spots.

Quality on services: Mastering and mixing, editing and sound effects, live and studio recordings (music, cinema, advertising and others).

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