Alex Adriano

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Alexandro Adriano

Born: Verona - ITALY - July 1st 1986


Studios: Sound Factory Studios -

Years Active: 2005 - Present

Genre: Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Metal, Classical Music, Progressive, Indie, Soul and many more.

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I was born in Verona - ITALY - July - 1st - 1986.


Since 2005, I have owned and still operate, my recording studio “Sound Factory” in Cosenza, ITALY. Over the years, I have maintained progress in an energetic and performance oriented environment. This has required a variety of technical skills, as well as an ability to manage and work alongside fellow professionals.

During the 2009 International Jazz Fest, I assisted the Audio Engineering Team in a number of tasks. This involved live and studio recordings, live mixing, and post-production. I was also valuable in assisting team members Richard Champagne, Gary Heald and Don Harder who has won a number of Junos and one Grammy Award.

Through my extensive experience in professional audio recording, mixing and live engineering, I have worked as a Music Producer, Recording Studio Systems Technologist, Live and Studio Project Manager, Acoustic treatment Engineer, and professional drummer and percussionist. Among others, I have used several professional mixing consoles including STUDER, SSL, AMEK, NEVE, YAMAHA, MIDAS, EUPHONIX and SOUNDCRAFT. In addition to certification in Protools, I am proficient in a variety of software including Logic, Pyramix, Radar, Microsoft’s Office Suite and Apple’s iWork programs. I have also developed skills in Cloud Networking through studio functions, professional programming for Local Area Networks and Servers, as well as experience in BETA TEST Analysis. In owning and operating my own recording studio, I have developed strong project management skills that have strengthened my leadership, communication, creativity, and analytical thinking.

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