Alex Adriano

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alex adriano producer and sound enginer on his AMEK/NEVE9098 Console


Being a sound engineer, I multi-task on an ongoing basis, with primary requirements entailing mixing music, editing and sound effects. During the recording process, I also act as a liason between musicians and artists, and being a musician myself, I have the knowledge to best assist the producer/s in identifying their needs, and thus guiding the artist to a successful project completion.


I consider myself a highly analytical thinker, and able to quickly identify, scrutinize, improve and streamline complex work processes such as live recording and mixing for both radio and television. As a professional, I always strive to perform to the highest standards and commitments of company objectives. 

"His help was invaluable in assisting with our then brand­new Euphonix console and our transition from our Analog Neve"

                                           - Mike Tanaka CBC Vancouver

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